Baltimore City Community Schools Initiative

Supporting Students, Families and Communities Together

The Baltimore City Community School Initiative (BCCSI) meets the needs of Baltimore’s students and families.  If a student arrives at school needing eye glasses, hungry or worried about family issues, if a school cannot provide a rich depth of extracurricular activities, it will interfere with her ability to succeed.  Schools cannot meet all of these needs alone.  Through partnerships and coordinated services, Community Schools remove barriers to student and family success and deepens the experience of all its community members.


Initiative Overview


Who?  The BCCSI is a partnership of Baltimore City, City Schools and The Family League.  Each Community School has a full-time site coordinator responsible for managing programs and supports reaching students, families, and the neighborhoods surrounding our schools.


What?  A community school is a network of partnerships between the school and other community resources that promote student achievement and family and community well being. Its integrated focus on academics, enrichment, health and social supports, youth and community development and family engagement leads to student success, strong families and healthy communities. Partnerships allow schools to become resources to the community and offer programs and opportunities that are open to all.


Where?  There are 20 Community Schools in Baltimore.  Our Community Schools serve students and families in every City Council District, except District 8.  The BCCSI is part of a national movement of community school strategies that successfully serve many children.


When? The Community Schools Initiative partnership in Baltimore has been funded since the 2005.  Services are delivered when and where each community needs them.


How?  The Initiative accomplishes its results through the site coordinator working with the principal and the school community to identify needs and address those needs through partnerships (over 400) and leveraged funding ($8.5 million).